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Offering value in home appliance repair
Everyone wants a good value and we know what that means.  You want your appliance working again without breaking the bank.  We specialize in providing very cost-effective services.  Here is how we do this:

  • Reducing overhead: We eliminate layers of overhead by having the technician – not a call center – Deal directly with you from the outset.
  • Direct accountability: The individual technician that you talk to is accountable to you. He is totally responsible from start to finish of your job. Since we place a premium on customer service, your technician’s primary goal is to keep you happy. If he can solve your problem on the phone, he will.
  • Simple Pricing: A simple, pricing model makes our rates predictable – no guessing and no surprises. Our technicians will give you an estimated price of repair after the inspection of your appliance. 
  • Honest Advice:  Customers commonly want to know when the cost to repair an appliance will exceed its worth.  It’s our job to advise you on this.  If a repair is not cost-effective to you – we’ll let you know up-front so you don’t incur unnecessary expenses. Obviously this is only possible after the inspection of your appliance.

We know that its value you want. So that’s what we provide our customers and that’s why we have been in this industry for more than 25 years. We make sure that the job done is cost effective.


There is a Basic service call out charge plus labour. Sorry to say that we don’t provide free quotes.

We accept all cards. Our Technicians carry EFTPOS MACHINES.

Minimum call out charge is $110 includes g.s.t.  (C.O.D.) * Conditions Apply

Plus Labour $22 per 15 minutes or part of it.

Brand new and Genuine Parts cost extra as required and are exclusively supplied and fitted by us. We don’t use second hand parts.

We target a job to be around 30 to 45 minutes, which is “Not always possible.”
TERMS: C.O.D.  (Cash on Delivery) Payment upon service rendered. We supply new and genuine branded parts supplied by the manufacturer or the O.E.M. supplier. All parts come with the manufacturer’s parts warranty. The business has grown through customer satisfaction, so we are confident that you will find our prices fair and reasonable.

Terms & Conditions :

90 Days Manufacturers Parts Warranty only on Parts replaced. No warranty on jobs where no parts are replaced. No warranty on jobs where a foreign object is found in the appliance causing a blockage. No warranty on plastic and glass parts. No appliance should be operated while unattended and Local Appliance Repairs will not accept any liability for damage caused by fire, flooding or any other event as a result of doing so. In simple language you cannot leave your home with a working or running appliance. You can leave only after the appliance is turned off.

Here’s How You Get Started – Deal Directly with an Appliance Technician

To determine your pricing scenario, the first step is to deal directly with the technician.

Just as with service needs, the customer always speaks with a technician and “Not a Call Centre”.

When you complete an online booking form, a text message is relayed to a service technician that is nearby.  We will call you to find out the problem and book the job in. We will send you a text message the night before with a time slot of 3 hours and also call you 20 to 30 minutes before arrival. You get knowledgeable and affordable service from our highly-experienced technicians. Our technicians are in the age group of 50 + years and have an experience of around 20 to 30 years in this industry.

Cost of Repair. “Examples only”: –

We at Local Appliance Repairs always make sure that our charges are reasonable and highly cost effective. Most of the times, the customer is confused or worried about the time taken and the total cost of repairs. The main question is always “How much is it going to cost me” or “How much time will it take” or “Will the technician be quick or just waste time”

We have tried our best to explain you by giving some examples of repairs. Please note these are examples for your understanding. Every appliance has a different problem even though the symptom may appear to be the same.

Please note that 60% to 70% of our jobs are quick jobs. Some examples given below will make this very clear. 

  • Customer: Can I have a rough idea as to how much my oven repairs will cost me? as It does not heat.

Technician: Yes, all oven jobs are cost effective. If it is the element that needs to be replaced and if that is possible to be done without pulling the oven out of the cavity, then it may cost you approximately.

132.00 including 15 minutes of labour *

96.00 element (approx.) Different types can cost anywhere from 80 to 180 approx.

237.60 in total includes GST

Please note this is an example, most small ovens can be repaired as in this example.

  • If it is a double oven or a heavy stove or if it needs to be pulled out of the cavity, it will take a bit longer and it may cost you a bit more. In this case, we request the customer to give us a hand, just to make sure that nothing is damaged.

198.00 including 1 hour of labour *

135.00 Double Element (approx.)

371.80 in Total includes GST

  • Customer: Can you give me an estimate for my washing machine repair?

Technician: Yes. As per your explanation, the drain pump seems to be faulty and may require replacement.
It could also be a blockage. The estimate will be approximately as follows:

132.00 for 15 minutes approx. no parts if blockage found in the drain pump.

132.00 Total includes gst

OR    154.00 for 30 minutes,

          90.00 cost of pump approx.

    268.40 Total includes gst

The cost of the pump will differ for different makes & models.

  • Customer: My dishwasher keeps tripping the power. May I know the cost of repairs for my dishwasher? Is it worth repairing as it keeps tripping the power?

Technician: Since there is no leakage it could be the filter capacitor or the heating element or in rare cases wash pump. So, it is better we check it thoroughly. After inspection, we can tell you whether the job is cost effective or not. The approximate estimate would be as follows:

132.00 for 15 minutes approx.

107.00 heating element approx.

262.90 Total includes gst

For some jobs, labour could be $154.00 or more if dishwasher is an integrated model or if the dishwasher has to be pulled out of its cavity etc.

For more information you may see the FAQ page on

“Please note that there are too many cheap appliances in the market today. These are not made to last long because we see them coming in for repairs just after the warranty expires. They are just attractive on the price. They are made to last 3 to 5 years”

“Please don’t throw away your old expensive appliances which were made to last for years. Obviously, we will not misguide you in spending more money on your old appliance if it not worth it. But to give you a proper advice we need to inspect your appliance before you throw it out.

Let me give you one of my real-life experiences. A customer had put her Smeg dishwasher outside when I went to repair her Bosch washing machine and was complaining about it as it was tripping the power sometimes. Since it was about 10 years old she just got a new one installed. She didn’t even think of getting it checked. I knew this model very well so I asked her if I could take it. She was more than happy to get it picked up for free. I took it home and fixed it in 30 minutes. It needed a small part costing about 47 dollars. I am sure this dishwasher will last another 5 years. I didn’t tell her this as I did not want to upset her for taking a hasty decision. I got a good dishwasher for free!!! There are so many cases like this. We technicians can only understand that the old appliances are made to last longer.”

Notes from the chief technician