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Clothes Dryer

Local Appliance Repair service technicians will take care of your clothes dryer repair needs quickly and affordably. Our clothes dryer repairmen  are committed to maintaining the manufacturer’s high quality of engineering standards. We work with a few major brands. So chances are, we have seen your problem before.

Clothes Dryer Service Issues

Please note. The dryer has to be on the floor before the technician comes for repairs.

We do not fix all brands just because its not cost effective.

Please let us know the symptoms and only after inspection we will let you know if it looks like a cost effective solution.

Poor performance can indicate a problem with your dryer. Chances are we can fix it for less than it would cost you for replacement.

 Contact us if you notice any of these performance issues:

  • clothes do not dry adequately
  • clothes require excessive time to dry
  • your dryer is noisy or makes a rattling sound
  • Your dryer goes through a full cycle but air dries with no heat

 Other common clothes dryer problems are:

  • clothes dryer does not start
  • your dryer emits a burning smell
  • your dryer sometimes trips a circuit
  • clothes dryer does not complete the  cycle

 Whatever the problem is, fixing a clothes dry is often quick and easy. So do not delay in contacting us to repair you dryer.

Contact Us to Repair Your Clothes Dryer

For over 27 years Local Appliance Repairs has served as your neighbourhood clothes dryer repairman. Around Sydney and its suburbs, our mobile service vans will come to you to fix your household appliances.  We offer non-warranty repair and use genuine spare parts to fix your appliances and extend their lives.


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